(Pocket-lint) - JVC has outlined its Everio camcorder models for 2012, with seven models on offer. All offer full HD capture in AVCHD and an HDMI for output, but we're drawn to the new Wi-Fi feature that four of the models offer.

The range breaks down into three main categories: E/EX Series, V/VX Series and GX Series.

The E/EX Series is the entry level of devices and comes with a conventional barrel design. The V/VX Series offers a squarer design and the GX Series tops the range, again, back to the barrel design.


Fortunately, Wi-Fi is offered on camcorders from each of the ranges, specifically the GX1, VX700, EX250 and EX210. The addition of Wi-Fi means you can share your video footage, via email, or through a link to your iPhone and Android device - with supporting apps on both platforms.

Other examples of uses for Wi-Fi on the Everio camcorders given by JVC includes baby monitoring, watching your cat, or hilariously, using it to spy on your kids to make sure they're studying, not playing games (see below). Laughs aside, it looks like a useful feature and proves JVC isn't standing still. 


"With Wi-Fi models, JVC fills the gap between a traditional camcorder and a smartphone by combining great image quality with advanced photographic features, such as a powerful zoom and excellent communication capabilities," said Dave Owen, vice president, Consumer Video Division, JVC.

For those more interested in serious video capture, you'll be able to get a range of accessories for the GX Series, including external mics and conversion lenses. The GX1 model also includes a 10-megapixel 1/2.3 CMOS sensor, a 3.5-inch 920k-dot fold-out touchscreen display, 10x optical zoom and weighs in at 400g.

The full list of features for all the JVC Everio camcorders can be found in their rather useful 2012 brochure (PDF) on their website.

The new JVC Everio camcorders will be available in Q1 2012, prices start at $229.95 and range up to $899.95.

Writing by Chris Hall.