If you liked the sound of the HD Hero2 action camera which was announced recently, but need something that's a bit more water friendly, without the need for clipping on a waterproof housing, then the Oregon Scientific ATC Mini could be the sporty cam for you.

It may not have the 1080p shooting of the Hero2, but it does offer 720p HD video shooting and, what's more, it is able to record even when submerged in water.

Its 20m depth range means that it's a great camera for most scuba dives (especially the latter, shallower dives at the end of a scuba-trip) and, weighing just 70g it shouldn't mess with your buoyant too much.

It's not just designed for divers though, there are mounting systems for helmets, handle bars and surf boards. There's also a tripod with quick release for grabbing action on the fly.

The ATC Mini comes with a 32GB microSD, enough for 1.5 hours of HD footage and packs a removable and rechargeable lithium battery. There's mini USB and "TV-out" options and it boasts a built in mic for capturing all the gnarly noises too.

Costing £119.99, the Oregon Scientific ATC Mini will be hitting shops "soon".