Remember the Lytro camera? The cutting edge snapper that allowed you to focus selectively on any part of an image? Well it has gone and made its vocational debut, being put to use in a Conran shoot and creating interactive fashion photos unlike any other. 

Model Coco Rocha got in contact with Lytro after reading about its camera technology, the company then sent a protoype along with photographer Eric Cheng to a shoot.

Rocha created a behind the scenes video to go along with the picture set, which whilst not showing much of the actual camera itself, at least gives us an idea of what goes on in the secret world of fashion. 

LYTRO - Behind The Scenes from Coco Rocha on Vimeo.

The camera itself is blurred out in the video, it is however a relatively small blur (about the size of a point and shoot) and Cheng appears to be using a screen or traditional viewfinder to focus.

For those interested, you can check out more of the shots over on Coca Rocha's blog

Pic: Eric Cheng