We’ve already learnt how Lytro is planning on changing the way we take pictures in the future, but now the company has confirmed that they plan to change the way we take 3D pictures as well using a single lens.

Turns out the camera that lets you set the focus point after you’ve taken the photo rather than at the time you press the shutter button is also good at 3D images too.

But rather than have to use two lens side by side, the company is suggesting that it will be able to create the same experience with a single lens, by simply manipulating the picture they’ve already taken for 3D viewing.

Lytro uses it’s light field camera technology to automatically capture pictures so they can be viewed in 3D as the video below shows.  

You can view this “living picture” 3D demo using coloured (anaglyph) glasses, a 3D display, or by doing fancy tricks with your eyes, but that last one might hurt a bit.

Lytro has yet to show off any hardware as yet however is promising a competitively priced consumer camera that will fit in your pocket for later this year.

And the shots the camera can take without 3D

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