If you're a fan of the panoramic mode on your camera you've not really got any ideal way of displaying them naturally on a computer monitor or laptop screen. They're just not wide enough, so black bars top and bottom are a must.

However, up steps Mitsubishi Electronics with an 19.2-inch display that sports the rather unusual and super super widescreen resolution of 1920 x 360 pixels.

Those figures easily make it the widest display we’ve ever seen or heard about, and therefore perfect for those panoramic shots you love.

Mitsubishi Electronics is a comparably tiny panel maker and is focusing on low volume high profit margin market spaces, but even the representative from the company we spoke with at the Display Taiwan show wasn’t quite sure about this one.

Its 1920 x 360 resolution means that the panel has a mind-boggling 16:3 aspect ratio, making it truly unique. The closest thing we can think of is the Sony VAIO P which has a 1600 x 768 8-inch display, but that's nowhere near as odd.

Strangely enough though, the Mitsubishi panel looks very sharp and, with a brightness rating of 500cd/m2 and contrast ratio of 700:1, it should.

Just don't expect it to be out soon. Or ever. Probably.

Weird or what? What would you use it for? Let us know in the comments below...