Sigma has announced its latest bank-breaking compact camera - the £600 DP2x.

Boasting a Foveon X3 image sensor (20.7mm x 13.8mm) that is approximately "seven to twelve times larger" than the sensors used in ordinary compact digital cameras (with a pixel size of 7.8μm) this is no simple point and shooter.

This retro looking snapper comes in at 14-mepapixels and sports a 24.2mm f/2.8 lens, delivering a focal length equivalent to 41mm in a 35mm SLR camera.

On the back it has a 2.5-iinch TFT LCD monitor, it can shoot in RAW data mode and also has an Analogue Front End (AFE) and high speed autofocus, which should help you grab quicker images and shoot in a multitude of varying environments.

If you're not happy with the built in flash you can use the optional EF-140 DG external flashgun or any of  Sigma SD series electronic flashguns such as the EF-610 DG SUPER or the EF-610 DG ST. You can also use the hot shoe to attach the VF-21 high performance view finder.

Movie shooting isn't the greatest quality at QVGA (320x240) but you're likely to be a serious photographer if you're in for the DP2x rather than someone looking to get some good footage on YouTube.

No date has yet been revealed for the release, although we're told it will cost around the £600 mark.