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(Pocket-lint) - When JVC launched their GS-TD1 3D camcorder claiming it as a world first, they obviously forgot to check what Sony were up to. We hunted the new model to have a look and found it lurking in a dark corner on their booth at CES 2011.

Like the Sony HDR-TD10E it is a fairly chunky beast with two lenses on the front giving it that cute baby robot look and feel. The lens surround is more pronounced than the Sony so it looks longer. Both camcorders are undoubtedly big beasts, but with the JVC model secured to a tripod, we couldn’t heft it around the same way we could with the Sony.

Like the Sony, you’ll also find a glasses-free 3D display and again you’ll have to find the sweet spot to get the full effect without losing clarity. Talking of clarity, the sample 3D content being displayed on the accompanying screen was really impressive.

We’ve covered the specs over in the news story, but just to recap it offers Full HD 3D video capture, from two CMOS sensors. You get 5x 3D optical zoom, and “3D” sound capture too.

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It will cost you the best part of $2000, and is lined up for a March launch. With Sony and JVC offering dedicated 3D models, and Panasonic launching a number of 3D ready camcorders, it looks like you’ll have some decisions to make in 2011 if 3D is your thing.

Writing by Chris Hall.