Eye-Fi, the Wi-Fi enabled memory card specialist, has announced a new service that makes it even easier to share your digital images called Direct Mode.

Direct Mode is designed to make the integration between your camera and your smartphone or tablet seamless, by instantly transferring your images between the two.

The idea being that you can grab high-quality images with your professional camera, but have the ease of being able to share your image around using your smartphone or tablet's connectivity options.

"For anyone who has ever had to choose between taking great images with their digital camera and the instant gratification of sharing with a smartphone, Direct Mode is the answer," said Jef Holove, CEO of Eye-Fi.

"New technology in the card combined with a free Eye-Fi app on a mobile device means consumers no longer have to compromise between rich, lifelike memories and saving or sharing those memories from anywhere."

"With Direct Mode, photos taken with your digital camera can immediately be sent to your smartphone or tablet. They can be viewed, used with myriad apps on the device, or uploaded and shared."

Direct Mode will be available later this year for all Eye-Fi X2 card owners.

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