Rollei, the German camera manufacturer, is the latest company to jump on the 3D bandwagon announcing a 3D capable compact digital camera with two lenses.

The new model, the Rollei Power Flex 3D, will follow Fujifilm’s previous efforts and be a compact camera complete with two lenses that will allow photographers to shoot 3D at the press of a button.

The camera will sport two CMOS sensors capturing 5 megapixels apiece before processing the 3D image inside the camera. Like the Fujifilm W3, the Power Flex 3D will also be able to record 720p video.

Those worried about viewing their photos without having to plug the camera into a 3D ready TV shouldn’t be. It will come with a 2.8-inch lenticular LCD screen at the back allowing you to view 3D images without the need for glasses.

Perhaps realising that 3D TVs are expensive, Rollei has also confirmed it will be launching a 7-inch photo frame with the same lenticular screen for the home. Sporting a resolution of 800 x 480 the frame will also come with software that allows you to convert 2D images into 3D images or videos to convert,  with just a few mouse clicks on the computer. 

As you might expect, in 2011, the photo frame will also come with the ability to play MP3 files, but also rather randomly an ebook function. 

You’ll be able to bore people for up to 3 hours off the frame's battery before having to find a power socket.

Rollei's Design and Power Line 3D Flex is available from the end of January for around £300.