It's lucky that Christmas is coming. Because we need some new socks after having ours blown off by this amazing concept camera from industrial designer Lucas Ainsworth.

The Capture 180 is, according to Ainsworth, "the future of digital photography" and, after seeing the demo we have to agree with him.

The camera takes 180-degree hemispheric pictures, and then stores the whole image as metadata. When you look back at the images you have taken, whether on the device's screen or your PC, you can then explore the world around your image.

When looking on the Capture 180's screen, you can also "knock" the camera into a viewing mode whereby you are presented with a virtual window into your picture's world.

The extendible arm hides away the fisheye lens, and also means that the camera can act as a self-functioning tri-pod, and you'll get a good extension to the camera's reach as well.

It's an absolutely brilliant concept, that works for us on so many levels. We'd love to see the Capture 180 become a reality.