ViewSonic first put the feelers out regarding its handheld camera, the ViewSonic 3DV5, just before IFA, but most of the ViewSonic IFA attention was centred around its tablet launches.

However, now is the time for the 3DV5 to step up to the plate and enjoy its 15 minutes of fame, as the budget 3D, HD camera has just got an official launch.

For just £150, you can nab yourself this camera, which is capable of shooting 720p HD video, with 3D conversion on board so you can directly upload to YouTube's 3D channel, and watch back with the supplied anaglyph glasses.

Okay, so this isn't full on, double lensed 3D action, but for £150, it's still a nice feature.

The 3DV5 also features a 2.4-inch autostereoscopic display, so you can watch back 3D action without even donning some 3D shades.

"The ViewSonic 3DV5 makes it easy for anyone to create future-proof, high quality 3D home movies and also shoot in standard 2D," said James Coulson, European product marketing manager, ViewSonic. 

"As well as being easy to use, the camcorder is also excellent value for money, and will make a great gift this Christmas."

The ViewSonic 3DV5 is out this month, and should cost around £150.

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