Camera accessory specialist Manfrotto has managed to come up with something to appeal to more than just the professional or keen enthusiast at Photokina 2010.

Meet the Manfrotto Pocket MP1 and MP3 pocket-sized tripods that'll fit just about any compact or DSLR camera you might own. They're solid metal flat pack and hinged devices that stay fixed to the underside of your snapper without adding any real annoyance in terms of size.

The MP1 is fit for DSLRs and the MP3 for compacts and each comes in a choice of black or grey and with rubber tip protectors where the metal of the tripod needs to be in contact with your camera and the surface you intend on standing it upon. Hey presto, no nasty scratches.

We'll have prices and availability on them shortly.

UPDATE: Both will be available from mid-November at between 25-35 euros depending on how good a shopper you are.

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