ViewSonic, as well as announcing that it will be showing off a couple of new tablets at IFA 2010, has also revealed its 3D-based product line-up for the mega-electronics show.

The California based electronics company will be displaying a 3D handheld camcorder that is capable of shooting 720p HD video that should cost no more than £200.

There will also be a 3D capable stills camera on show as well as a 3D photo-frame.

Finally, ViewSonic will be demoing a portable 3D handheld TV, which will "allow anyone to watch 3D content on the go". Whether 3D is really needed "on the go" is debatable, but the company is keen to stress its commitment to the third dimension none-the-less.

"ViewSonic are focused on providing a full 3D experience, allowing our users to not only view 3D in the best possible way, but now create their own affordable content", said James Coulson, marketing manager for ViewSonic Europe.

"We believe by making 3D simple to use, whilst providing a complete solution, we can introduce 3D technology to consumers who were hesitant about new technology or concerned about the cost".

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