Marthin De Beer, senior vice president of emerging technologies, has hinted in an interview with Computerworld at Cisco Live! that a Wi-Fi version of its Flip camcorder, as first predicted by Pocket-lint at the tale end of 2009, is finally ready to make it to market for Christmas 2010.

"We didn't buy Flip to have it be only a video recorder", De Beer tells Computerworld when asked about the possibilities of a Wi-Fi enabled Flip camcorder.

When pushed further he said Cisco hadn't announced anything, but added: "I look forward to Christmas".

Computerworld also managed to get De Beer to confirm that the company supports Apple's FaceTime video chat and is developing a video client that will soon sell in the App Store to support video on the iPhone 4.

De Beer said of the new iOS app: "You will see us create a client for video based on Mobi, which will be mobile Mobi for the iPhone", Computerworld reports.