Creating 3D video content is something that has been anything but affordable for consumers. But Aiptek, the Taiwanese manufacturer of many a cheap camcorder, has created the first truly affordable 3D capable model.

The Aiptek i2 3D HD doesn’t look like much. In fact, it could be mistaken for a typical pocket camcorder until you notice that it has a pair of lenses. And it is these that make it able to record video in 3D.

It also has a small 2.4-inch screen on the rear, which, as you may already have guessed, can display 3D video.

However, you need to use the screen in 3D mode to record videos in 3D, naturally, and, as this is a glasses free solution, the picture quality is ropey to say the least and the viewing angles are simply terrible.

In 2D mode, the i2 shoots video at 720p and can capture stills at 5 megapixels.

Despite its flaws, it could be a fun product to have, especially as the RRP is a very affordable US$199. Aiptek was demoing it connected to a JVC 3DTV which used passive 3D glasses, but the company is also selling a picture frame that will play back 3D video from the camcorder. There's no indication on how much 3D photo frame will cost, though.