Back in November we got the exclusive scoop that a new Wi-Fi-enabled Flip digital camcorder was to go on sale in the early half of 2010 with a possible CES January launch.

Seems while our inside sources were a little out on the date, something they actually confirmed to us at CES, a new model has turned up in the States to grab a quick spy cam pose.

Details are still incredibly thin, however the new device supposedly snapped at a Best Buy and called the "Flip Slide HD" fits with our description given back in November.

In November a Cisco spokesperson said that the new model will feature "a large screen that slides to reveal the record and menu buttons underneath", allowing users to see what is going on when they are recording video.

The screen itself won't be touchscreen however, presumably in an attempt to keep costs down.

That image above certainly looks to include that sliding screen, and while we can't vouch that it will have Wi-Fi as our inside lady suggested, it does look promising.

We will keep you posted.