Wireless memory card manufacturer Eye-Fi has announced that its X2 family of cards - launched at CES - will be coming to the UK. The Eye-Fi Pro X2, Eye-Fi Connect X2, and Eye-Fi Explore X2 will all be available from the end of April.

The Eye-Fi Connect X2 is a 4GB SDHC card which contains an 802.11n Wi-Fi radio. That means that when it's within range of a Wi-Fi connection, it can upload JPEG photos and video to your computer and Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, Picasa or any other of more than 25 options. It costs £50.

The Eye-Fi Explore X2 adds a GPS chip to the Wi-Fi antenna, meaning that it does the same thing as the Connect, but adds geotagging so you can see where your photos were taken. It comes in an 8GB capacity and will set you back a penny short of £100.

Lastly, the Eye-Fi Pro X2 can cope with RAW files, and can create ad-hoc connections to your PC if you're out of range of a wireless router. It'll also be able to do the same GPS and Wi-Fi tricks that the Connect and Explore can. It comes in an 8GB capacity and costs around £120.