Joby has announced two new additions to the Gorillapod family of products, the Gorillapod Magnetic (as the name might suggest, a magnetic version of its flexible tripod) and the Ballhead X.

"With the addition of powerful magnets in the feet, the Gorillapod Magnetic can now be anchored to any magnetic surface, in addition to being secured with its fully-articulating legs", says Joby. "Stick it to a pole, wrap it around a tree-branch, or perch it on a jagged rock - the positioning possibilities are truly endless".

The Gorillapod Magnetic supports compact digital cameras and mini video cameras weighing up to 11.5 ounzes, itself weighs 2.5 ounces, is 6 inches tall, and will be available globally in April for £24.95.

The Ballhead X - optimised for use with the Gorillapod Focus - supports up to 5kg and claims to allow the user to easily and fluidly pan, tilt, and rotate the camera. It's also due in April, priced at £69.95.