Someone must have called mid-range camera day at CES 2010 as a third set of comfortably priced, comfortably specced digital compacts hits, this time courtesy of General Imaging.

There are four to choose from with the 14-megapixel, 3-inch LCD, HD video shooting GE E1486TW and GE E1480W. Catchy names. Part of the Power Series, they're just 0.83 of an inch thick but offer 8x optical zoom, image stabilisation and a very handy 28mm wide-angle lens.

The reason the former costs $180 and the latter $150 is that one of them has a touchscreen with gesture control interface. They ship in spring and come in black, red, silver and a few other colours of the rainbow.

The second two are the Smart Series GE A1255 and GE A1455 which are a little cheaper at just $90 and $100 respectively. This time they have 2.7-inch LCD screens, 5x zoom and the GE A1255 drops down to a perfectly respectable 12 megapixels. They're also out in the spring.

All four compacts feature face, blink and smile detection, panorama shot, auto scene settings and a red-eye removal tool as well.