You can soon expect to see 14.6-megapixel digi-cams that are capable of capturing 60fps, 1080p video footage, and boasting electronic image stabilisation, thanks to a new sensor from OmniVision.

The new OV14810 for digital still/video cameras and OV14825 for mobile applications could see the digital still camera and digital video camera market converge, meaning you don't need to take two cams into the shower, so to speak.

"With the new OV14810, the DSC and DVC market segments are converging, allowing consumers to have one device for capturing their most important photo and HD video moments", says Devang Patel, senior product marketing manager at OmniVision.

"We also see the mobile phone segment moving to full HD video combined with higher resolution photography. We believe that our high performance OV14810 holds great potential for addressing these developments, and may therefore prove to be highly attractive in multiple market segments".

The OV14810/14825 sensors are due to enter mass production in the second quarter of 2010, meaning a late 2010 launch is likely for consumer products.