THQ Photo Products has announced the Tokina AT-X 16.5-135 DX, a lens designed exclusively for DSLR cameras with APS-C sensors.

The new lens gives the photographers an ultra wide-range zoom lens that has the equivalent angle of view to a 25-200mm.

The zoom range actually begins at 16.5mm, making it a lens for capturing things like scenic views and travel photography

The AT-X 16.5-135 DX also boasts three aspherical elements in which one all glass precision-moulded element and two compound elements yield high contrast. Additionally, two Super-low Dispersion (SD) glass elements correct any chromatic aberration.

Finally, the new Tokina lens features a newly designed high-precision mechanical zoom cam system, which minimises play and eliminates any zoom creep that might occur.

The Tokina AT-X 16.5-135 DX will be available for Nikon bodies from June, and for Canon bodies from July. No prices have been confirmed as yet.