FotoInsight has launched new software that allows users to integrate their photos from websites like Flickr and Facebook, into their printed photo books.

FotoInsight Designer version 4.5 will pick photos straight from the website without the need to download and re-upload them, and will also be able to take aerial shots and maps from geotagging communities like locr.

Any geotagged images you load into the book can be accompanied by "local information" straight from locr or Wikipedia, and you can create maps on the locations of the photos, with just a click.

In addition, you'll also be able to upload your photo book project straight to the the locr website once you've finished.

The new software update, compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems, also improves the image layers and blend-in image masks, and allows you to use the latter as frames. There are also a number of new frames and clipart you can use instead if you wish.

The books, now available in a new A4 panorama format, start from £5.99 at the smallest size - with a special offer on until 30 April offering the square photo books for £10, saving £4.99. Just enter the code PBSS1C at checkout and it will be automatically discounted.

The new FotoInsight Designer software on the other hand, is downloadable for free from the FotoInsight website.