Pandigital has launched its new PanTouch Clear 10.4-inch digital photo frame PMA 2009, that it is touting as the thinnest digi frame on the market.

Measuring a third of an inch thin, the PanTouch Clear has a high definition display and full touchscreen interface on fingerprint resistant glass.

It features 2GB of internal storage space for up to 4000 images and also boasts integrated Wi-Fi for direct connection to a home network.

With a 6-in-1 digital media card reader, most popular memory card formats will be recognised for PC-less photo transfer, although there is also a USB port for connection to a computer.

Other features include programmable on and off times as well as clock and calendar functions. The frame can show JPEG photos, as well as play video and MP3 music files.

The new 10.4-inch PanTouch Clear will be shipping in the States in May and will cost $229.99.