Corel has introduced Corel Painter 11, the newest edition of
the company's painting and illustration software.

Painter 11 has been updated with more than 40 new features, including pressure-sensitive brushes and enhanced drawing tools.

Brushes and media variants are now able to be customised to precise specifications, and a new toolset enables users to create art that would not be possible with traditional media.

New colour management improves colour recognition when
importing files from other applications like Adobe Photoshop, and enhanced brushes perform up to 30% faster than previous versions.

For a full list of changes and enhancements in Corel Painter 11, head over to the Corel website. There you will also be able pre-order and download Painter 11 for a price tag of £263.35. It will also be available in the shops in mid-March.

Those with previous versions of Painter will be able to upgrade for £136.85.