DxO Labs has added RAW-based image quality data and DxOMark Sensor rankings for an initial set of four high-end professional and medium-format cameras to its DxoMark website.

Photographers will now be able to get details on the the Hasselblad H3DII-39, the Leaf Aptus 75s, the Mamiya ZD, and the Phase One P45+, and compare their RAW sensor performance with other cameras out there.

In order to compare cameras with widely disparate sensor sizes, it is by reviewing the cameras' rankings for each of the three separate metrics that make up the DxOMark Sensor scale (Colour Depth, Dynamic Range, and Low-Light ISO).

Although dxomark.com data is only one of many criteria to consider when choosing a camera, a digital camera's RAW sensor performance is a really important consideration for those looking to produce professional-quality images.

"Adding our measurements on this first set of medium-format cameras to our database demonstrates our commitment to our goal of building the most comprehensive database of RAW image information available", said Nicolas Touchard, vice president of marketing, DxO Labs Image Quality Evaluation.

"We want to give professionals and expert amateur photographers the highest level of RAW image data possible through our dxomark.com website".

Head over there to check it out.