Jobo has announced Mac OS compatibility for the new Jobo photoGPS.

The photoGPS is a small and lightweight GPS receiver that fits directly on any digital camera’s hot shoe, like any flash unit would.

Once connected, the device allows for automatic geo-tagging of pictures by capturing raw GPS data and time. This information is stored separately to the pictures in the internal memory of the photoGPS, and is transferred across to a computer at the same time as the photos are.

It is then on the computer that the photoGPS software automatically finds the appropriate matches between the image and the geodata and ties them together.

You can then go one step further with the Jobo photoGPS server. Being accessible over the net, it provides historic GPS satellite data so the photoGPS software can calculate the locations, reverse geocode them, and geotag the photos with the resulting location information such as country name, region and district, city, postal code, street name, and nearby points of interest.

In addition, latitude, longitude and altitude are also available.

The Jobo photoGPS is available in the States priced at $159. Sony cameras require a hot shoe adapter which is an extra $49.90.