Hundreds of thousands of photos, if not more, were taken at the inauguration of president Barack Obama. But none as impressive as this.

This panoramic shot of the president and those gathered to see him sworn in, was captured by David Bergman.

Containing over 2GB of photo data, and made up of over 220 pictures shot using a Canon G10 Bridge camera on a Gigapan robotic camera mount, the image gives you all the little details you probably missed on the news.

With a total of 1474 megapixels, you can zoom in so close you can see the facial expressions of those sat in the VIP area behind the president, you can look into the crowd and see everyone snapping away on their phones and cameras, you can even nearly see the sheet music the performers are playing from.

It's really quite unreal, and much better than any game of Where's Wally we've ever played. Check out the link to the full-sized image below. What can you spot?