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(Pocket-lint) - Picking up a dedicated camera bag is essential for those who want to protect their gear and easily transport accessories.

While plenty of compact cameras and diminutive mirrorless options don't really require chunky backpacks, and can typically be stored in holsters or smaller bags, those with a DSLR/SLR need plenty of room.

There may be extra cables, lenses, batteries, SD cards and perhaps even a tripod to keep safe and in one place, which is why finding the right camera bag for your snapper is essential.

In this guide, we'll be aiming to help you out. As with any purchase, there's plenty to consider before making a final decision. With camera bags, though, it often just boils down to whether it fits your camera gear, budget and style.

Below, we've detailed some of the very best we've managed to test out. 

The best camera bags available to buy today

AmazonBest camera bags 2021: Store your gear the easy way with a top carry case photo 3

Amazon Basics Large DSLR Bag


For those who aren't particularly fussy about having a stylish pick Amazon basics' large variant of its DSLR carry bag is a really solid pick.

You get to pick between an orange or grey exterior (we prefer the orange, just because it has a little more personality), and opting for the large over the medium bag gives you more room for your gadgets. 

Not only can the 14.96 x 7.87 x 11.81-inch bag store plenty of accessories in the five-pocket middle section, but there's also side zip compartments and a slot for a small tablet.

CadenBest camera bags 2021: Store your gear the easy way with a top carry case photo 4

Caden Camera Backpack


For the photographer who has more lenses than they can typically carry around, Caden's dedicated backpack is the ideal option.

There's six sections in the main pocket, including a large one for a DSLR, as well as a large slot for a tablet. Handily, the section dividers can also be folded down to make way for larger pockets, and the waterproof exterior also houses two open side pockets.

It's very basic looking, but it's a neat design for those who want to carry lots of equipment without, you know, looking like they're doing so.

USA GEARBest camera bags 2021: Store your gear the easy way with a top carry case photo 5

USA Gear DSLR Camera Backpack


If you require a backpack for your camera equipment and don't mind something with a bit more of a bulky design than the others on this list, USA Gear's offering should be on your list.

It takes storage to the next level, and is probably the most well thought out bag we've tested. There's space for everything, really - cables can be zipped away at the top, storage cards can be placed in another compartment at the front and there's also space for a tripod and a laptop.

That's without mentioning the main compartments, which feature customisable dividers and can be accessed from multiple angles. 

MosisoBest camera bags 2021: Store your gear the easy way with a top carry case photo 6

Mosiso Camera Sling Bag


Mosiso's camera bag isn't the biggest - and the sling design won't be for everyone - but it is a tidy option to consider if you just have a few accessories that need storing.

The 15.7 x 7.9 x 4.8-inch bag comes with a choice of six different designs, with two compartments available to store your gear. The larger features dividers for those who have lenses and the like, while the smaller top section can be used for batteries, charging cables and more.

It can even accommodate a tripod, thanks to the side pocket and secure strapping.

TarionBest camera bags 2021: Store your gear the easy way with a top carry case photo 7

Tarion Camera Backpack


Tarion's camera backpack does the best job of any option on this list at not looking like a camera backpack, which we suspect will suit a lot of people out there looking for storage solutions.

It's definitely not for the casual user, since there's storage for pretty much everything - DSLRs, compacts, tripods, lenses and probably even a small drone - but it's the ideal choice for those who have a lot of equipment and enjoy easy access to it.

The included rain cover also makes it waterproof, which is ideal for those constantly on the move.

Writing by Conor Allison. Originally published on 19 May 2021.