Buying gifts for people is always tricky. Even when you think you know them really well, you run the risk of the disappointed face. That risk is perhaps slightly reduced with a personalised gift however, as even those that aren't great at hiding it when they don't like something will at least appreciate the extra effort you've made. And if they don't then it begs the question as to why you bothered buying them anything in the first place.

Personalised gifts or customised presents come in all sorts of forms. Of course you can get the standard personalised cushion or photo frame from sites like notonthehighstreet and Funky Pigeon, but you could also get a little creative and go down a LEGO or M&Ms route. 

With Christmas just weeks away, here are five of the best websites we have come across that will help you give a gift worth giving. Or at least something with a little more thought for all happy, grateful faces this festive season.

The MiniFigs website allows you to create a LEGO minifigure based on someone you know so this is perfect for anyone who loves LEGO. You can either build the minifigure using the range of parts and outfits available on the website, some of which can be personalised, or you can get something entirely bespoke made based on a picture.

To do it yourself, you select a torso and add a message if you want to, and then you select the head, hair and legs, along with any accessories you want to go with it. It's difficult to tell how much this will set you back as it depends on what you select, but each part adds on a few pounds. We managed to make one for just under £20 including postage.

The My M&Ms website allows you to customise M&Ms, which we think is amazing. There are 15 colours to choose from and you can select two different colours or two of the same, but you have to pick two. It is then possible to add text, a photo or clipart. You can add text to both, or a photo or clipart to one and text to the other.

The customisations are then printed at random on one side of all of your M&Ms, no matter which colour they are. The other side will have the signature "m". After you have completed your personalised M&Ms, you will need to package them up. There are a range of gift boxes, as well as a 1.5kg bag option. Prices start at £34.50.

Motorola's Moto Maker allows you to customise a Motorola smartphone or smartwatch. You start with one of the company's compatible devices which comprise the Moto X Style, Moto X Play and Moto G smartphones, along with the Moto 360 smartwatch and you can then change materials, colours, accents and add an engraving. 

It's a great way to make the gift of a smartphone or smartwatch that little bit more exciting. Each device offers different options when it comes to the materials available but there are options including real leather and natural wood so there is definitely room for it to be more interesting than the average. Prices start from £159, which is the cost of the Moto G.

Shoes of Prey is one for the ladies or the men buying a present for a lady. It allows you to design the perfect shoes from the shape to the colour and the height so if you think you know exactly what shoes someone is looking for, this is the site to head to. 

The first step is picking the shape, of which there are 12 options from ballet flats to stilettos. You can then play with over 170 fabrics which range from leather and suede to silk and genuine fishskin. A 3D Designer tool allows you to see the options you pick in real time to help you create the perfect pair. They take four weeks to ship and prices vary depending on the style and fabrics you choose.

NikeID allows you to customise Nike trainers exactly how you want them. You can add a personal touch by changing a colour or adding a name, design a pair of shoes from scratch or maximise performance by adding plates and midsoles for example.

Women's and men's shoes are available to customise with NikeID and there is everything from lifestyle and running trainers to basketball and football options. It takes around three weeks to get your order and prices start from £85, which is the price of the cheapest trainers that can be customised.