Resembling an upended Smarty with an edge lopped off, the Oculus finally offers hope to get way from it all. Whether it's your colleagues, family or you just want some peace and quiet from the outside world, these organic looking ‘lifestyle' pods are something quite spectacular.

Standard Pods have an eclectic sliding door, hinged at the rear, and a low-slung ergonomic seat that you slither into. Push a button the door slides back down into place and you are in your own little world. Pods are normally fitted with media devices such as x-boxes or flat screen monitors, attached to a PC or Mac in the Oculus's belly, but the options are about as diverse as you want them.

One minor problem is that with the computer or games console not being within reach. In a normal build, an external drive is placed into the pod and this allows access to change games and CD-ROM's without having to leave the conform of the pod. It should be noted that the pod are not fitted with toilet facilities and so you cannot stay cocooned within them forever.

Designer Lee McCormack and team create each pod individually so they can be made to a clients specific requirements. Doors can be placed either side or both. The media in the pod can be set up for computing or simply gaming, offering single or multiple screens. There are even options to have a climate control system, a massage chair and a retina scan door locking mechanism if so desired.

To see the Oculus in action get down to the Kirk Originals glasses store on Floral Street in London. They have recently had the ‘Eye' pod (geddit!), set-up in store to offer customers a more interactive way to see and try on their funky specs.

Price when reviewed:
rices start at around £10,000 and can go up to nearly £20,000

Overall the Oculus is a fantastic idea. I found the experience all engrossing although I'm not sure that the larger person or the Claustrophobic would agree with me. Obviously because of the hand made nature of each pod, there is a time and cost factor, that will hopefully come down as demand goes up, but as a grass roots idea I look forward to seeing these wonderful things lighting up spaces in hotels and shops in the future.