(Pocket-lint) - That game of Holochess in Star Wars: A New Hope and now The Force Awakens, is famous as one of the most iconic holographic experiences. It's creator, Phil Tippett, is working to make that a reality called HoloGrid.

The game is set to work like a card-based tactical strategy game that will combine the physical world and the virtual. Initially the game is getting Kickstarter funding in order to create the full board game experience complete with cards, game board and tablet mount.

Users will be able to place the cards and see the characters on a phone or tablet screen via AR. Then, in battle mode, the tablet can be stood by the board so the virtual characters can be seen on the physical board. Then, using the tablet, turn based attacks can be carried out on your opponent.

This is stage one. The future, says Tippett, will be in augmented reality play. This will allow users, with the right hardware, the ability to 'see' the characters right in front of them and manipulate them as if they were real – just like in Star Wars. This requires the hardware to catch up a bit but it's good to know there will be a well developed and thought out game ready for AR once it hits the mainstream.

HoloGrid is currently on Kickstarter with a goal of $100,000 where a $30 backing will get you everything you need to start playing.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.