(Pocket-lint) - What's the one thing better than being dazzled by the wonder of Star Wars on the big screen? Being placed into the Star Wars universe thanks to virtual reality. That's what the HTC Vive may be doing soon after a video was released showing off the new VR game trailer.

The experience, called Star Wars Trials on Tatooine, has been shown off in a video on Industrial Light & Magic's YouTube channel dubbed ILMVisualFX. Check the gallery above to see screenshots or scroll down for the full video.

AS you'll see there is a first person perspective with a blue lightsaber and three moons in the background, so it looks like, as the title suggests, this will be set on Tatooine. There's even an appearance from R2-D2 at some point.

This isn't the first time we've seen Star Wars taken to the virtual world, with the Jakku Spy experience released last year for Google Cardboard.

The HTC Vive should be able to add new levels to the virtual reality experience as it is one of the most advanced VR headsets around right now. It is also able to work in conjunction with movement-based controllers meaning you may be able to swing a virtual lightsaber as if you were a real Jedi.

We can't wait for this experience to land. Expect it to arrive with the consumer launch of the HTC Vive on 5 April.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.