Sony has announced cheaper PlayStation VR bundles.

The company said it will start selling a $399 “core” PSVR set, which includes the VR headset and a PlayStation Camera, but it'll only be sold in the US and Canada ($499 CAD). There's also a more expensive $449 bundle ($579 CAD), which includes a camera, two PlayStation Move controllers, and Sony's PlayStation Worlds minigame collection. Both bundles will go on sale from 1 September.

Previously, PlayStation VR was $399 without the external camera. Now, Sony is including the camera, which costs $59, and it's making this price drop permanent. The pricer bundle is also now cheaper than the Oculus Rift, which recently got reduced to $499. HTC also cut its HTC Vive down to $599 just last week. It's worth noting Sony has made the smallest reduction of the three.

Still, the platform should be more enticing to gamers and people interested in trying virtual reality. However, there's been no news on whether deals are coming to Europe and the UK.