We've seen some awesome uses of augmented reality; see Qualcomm's Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots. And we've seen some naff usage too; see BoutiqueAccessories' jewellery mirror.

Sony's new TV Size Guide tool definitely fits in the awesome category, even if it's just because for a moment we can see what the electronics giant's latest top of the range telly would look like adorning our living room wall.

The process is simple, simply print off an AR marker, pin it to you wall and take a picture of it in place. Then use Sony's online tool to see what various sized TV models would look like if mounted - and you can even add movie or sports images to get a better sense of realism.

Tim Schwarz, online content manager at Sony Europe said: ?Up until now a tape measure and guess work is all that most of us have had to rely on when it comes to picking the best sized TV for the home and this often leads to mistakes.

"We know consumers put a lot of emphasis on getting the right screen size and our research has shown that this is one of the most important features they look for when buying a TV."

It's a simple yet effective idea and one that has confirmed one thing for sure. A 70-inch monster won't fit in Pocket-lint's cinema room (i.e. broom cupboard).