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(Pocket-lint) - It's been roughly a year since the first details emerged regarding Samsung's bug-eyed VR headset, and now a new report has shed even more light on the Korean giant's next potential foray into the space.

As detailed by LetsGoDigital, Samsung has been awarded patents for the device in Europe, giving us more information about those orange bug eyes that first popped up last year, as well as the controller which will accompany the headset. 

The latest images appear to confirm the design that was leaked a year ago, only this time we have several more angles of the potential headset. It looks much more ergonomic than previous Samsung headsets - and, really, most rival headsets - and we now also have a solid look at the Oculus-like controllers, which come complete with shiny silver joysticks.

At least from these initial images, the insect-inspired headset is a far cry from the Samsung Odyssey+, which was launched way back in 2018 and failed to make much of a dent in the market. It's naturally unclear whether the next device would follow along the same line of branding - although we think it unlikely - and, instead, perhaps, a registered trademark for the term 'Galaxy Space' last October could provide a hint in that direction.

There's also the small matter of figuring out when the device could launch, if at all. Samsung will reveal its next flagship phone at its Unpacked event on January 14, and, who knows, maybe Paul Rudd will make a guest appearance as Ant-Man and don the new headset for the world. Aside from that, it's anyone's guess.

Writing by Conor Allison. Originally published on 12 January 2021.