Not to be outdone by Apple's recent patent filing, Samsung has filed its own smart glasses-related trademark.

Sure, the company has been rumoured to be making smart glasses for a quite a while, but the timing of this latest filing looks like Samsung is trying to one-up Apple. As reported by SamMobile, Samsung has filed in South Korea to trademark a new logo for a “computerized vision-assisting eyewear,” which strongly hints that the company is developing a Google Glass-like pair of smart glasses or headset.

Now, last week, Apple had its own filing published by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The company's patent imagined a device that uses a "catadioptric system" in order to be more lightweight and comfortable than standard augmented reality/virtual reality headsets currently on the market. However, like Apple, Samsung has been toying with the idea of a head-mounted wearable for at least five years.

For instance, in 2013, the company had a design patent for a pair of sports glasses, which was followed by a report from the Korea Times. It spoked to unnamed people at Samsung and claimed Samsung was making a device called Galaxy Glass. Jump forward to 2018, and Samsung's filing surfaces with a logo and descriptions of a "wearable peripheral" and "headsets, display devices, and glasses".

It also mentioned “computerized vision-assisting eyewear consisting of a camera, computer and display to capture, process, and present images.” In other words, Galaxy Glass is back! We'll keep you posted as we learn more about this ongoing mystery device.