(Pocket-lint) - It is widely believed that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone at the beginning of next month, with 2 August the date commonly mentioned. It is now also tipped to launch another device at the same event: the Samsung Gear VR 2.

A second generation headset (or fourth if you count the two Innovator Edition devices that surfaced before the full consumer release) has been spotted on an Indian import database.

Import data for the SM-R323 - thought to be the model number for the next headset - is listed on shipping site Zauba. It also directly refers to the Gear VR and details that the tech shipped is for testing purposes.


Whether that means the product is close to launch or not is open for speculation, but Dutch Samsung website Galaxy Club suggests that if the Note 7 comes with a USB-C connection, as previously rumoured, it would need a new Gear VR model to work. The current headset is only compatible with devices that use micro-USB.

Certainly Samsung is keen to continue with virtual reality and, in mobile terms, has cornered the market somewhat with Gear VR.

Connor Pierce, VP of IT and mobile at Samsung UK told Pocket-lint in March that the first consumer device was only the beginning: "Having Mark Zuckerberg stand up [at Mobile World Congress] and say that the future platform is VR and that one of the best experiences is via a Samsung Gear VR was great," he said.

"And we have the enviable position of having a competitive advantage. We have a window so let’s make the most of it."

Writing by Rik Henderson.