(Pocket-lint) - The Samsung Gear VR might be a surprisingly capable virtual reality headset, for the price, but controls are limited. This issue appears to be something Samsung has spotted and may soon fix with a new Gear VR gamepad.

The gamepad has leaked in images on SamsungMania showing off the flat handheld device. The leaked gamepad appears to feature an analogue stick control, four gaming buttons and an LED as well as left and right shoulder bumper buttons. This is all finished in a resin black textured back and front, presumably for grip.

The controller itself looks good, if not a little squared off, but Samsung appears to have done this for a reason. The controller is shown clipped into the Gear VR headset. This is a brilliant idea that will allow for the two to remain together for storage and travel.

It should also mean plugging a charger into the headset port charges the controller. This could replace the plastic cover plate, used when the phone is not docked in the headset, meaning the controller doubles as a headset lens protector too.

Samsung already has an official GamePad, that's more like a console controller. This new VR specialist device should hopefully be more affordable. Perhaps it will even come as part of the Gear VR in future. Expect to hear more, like pricing and release date, soon.

Samsung Mania
Samsung Mania

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Writing by Luke Edwards.