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(Pocket-lint) - The ultimate goal of augmented reality is to seamlessly blend the real world and the virtual, which is done best without a headset. Now Samsung has won a patent for a contact lens display that will do that and more.

Samsung's contact lens patent, which was just awarded in Korea, shows that these lenses will be more than just screens worn on the eyes. The contact lenses will also include a tiny camera, motion sensors and transmitter.

These should mean users will be able to take photos by simply blinking and can then view them right away. It will also mean viewing images and video from a connected smartphone is possible.

Imagine walking or driving with the road lit up blue to show the route you're supposed to be taking. Or you could take a stroll in nature and have the option to see each kind of flower annotated so you know what you're seeing. Perhaps you could look at a restaurant and see the menu without even going near. The options are many.

The contact lenses themselves will feature some wiring, according to the patent. But this would all be kept to the outer edges and should not affect the user's perspective.

Of course this is at the patent stage still so how the screen will be powered or remain clear when inactive is unclear. What is clear is that this is the way gadget manufacturers are going with Google Glass and Microsoft HoloLens already showing a glimmer of what's possible with augmented reality.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 7 April 2016.