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(Pocket-lint) - While 2016 is the year of virtual reality Samsung is already setting its sights higher for the future with a full 4D VR experience it calls Entrim.

Coming from Samsung's secret projects lab, C-Lab, the Entrim 4D unit aims to offer a virtual reality feeling of motion as well as visuals and audio. The result is a virtual feeling of movement, like flying, without actually leaving your chair.


Entrim 4D uses a combination of Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation and algorithms to send messages directly to the nerve in the ear. This allows the headset to synchronise with the body to create a sense of movement as the video content shows corresponding movements.

The headphones are equipped with the electrodes that are able to transmit the movement data. The result should be a feeling of movement to create a more immersive sense of speed and direction. Samsung says that when this is paired with its drone, the headset can utilise drone movement data and transmit that to the headset wearer, so they feel like they're flying too.

The result of all this should be a 4D movement VR experience that doesn't need the motion chairs currently used to create a feeling of movement.

Before you start worrying about virtual reality already making you motion sick, this is being created specifically to tackle that issue.

The Entrim is still in developmental stages but expect this tech to appear in the future of virtual reality experiences.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.