Those of you who are super pumped about Samsung's press event this weekend may be even more excited to learn that the whole thing will be streamed in virtual reality to the company's Gear VR headset.

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S7 on 21 February. It is hosting a regular live-stream of the press conference, which you can access via this desktop website or the Unpacked 360 View app available from Google Play Store, but it appears the company plans to host a second stream for owners of its smartphone-powered VR headset. The Unpacked app has also arrived on the Oculus Store.

Screenshots for the app suggest it will feature “traditional live streaming” as well as the ability to “experience the event in 360.” So, if you want to have an immersive experience of the event on Sunday, you just need a Samsung device compatible with Gear VR, then you must download and launch the Unpacked 360 View from the Oculus Store, and strap Samsung's headset to your face.

Everything will off in Barcelona on at 7 pm CET. That's 10 am PST in the US.

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