(Pocket-lint) - The studio behind Monument Valley is working on another game, but it'll launch for the Samsung Gear VR headset rather than Apple's iPad.

British studio UsTwo released Monument Valley - a puzzle game in which the player leads a character called Princess Ida through mazes of optical illusions and objects - in early 2013, with an interface and visual style reminiscent of Japanese prints and minimalism. The game won a 2014 Apple Design Award and has sold over 1 million copies, according to numbers released in July 2014.

Now, according to Wired, UsTwo wants to release another puzzle game that similarly features beautiful landscapes and looks very much related to Monument Valley, which is something fans will love. Called Land’s End, it's considered a virtual reality game. Oculus VR apparently asked UsTwo if they'd develop it.

Samsung wants to be first to market with a virtual reality headset but doesn't want to put in as much effort as Oculus VR, a company that is slowly making another high-quality virtual reality headset specifically for gaming. The two companies therefore have a partnership in which Samsung makes OLED screens that Oculus VR needs for its final product, while Oculus VR makes the software that Samsung desires for its upcoming headset.

Land's End is Oculus VR's way of preparing software content for the Gear VR headset - even though UsTwo is developing and releasing the title. Watch the trailer below to see what UsTwo has developed so far. The game's story takes place on a mystical ocean with several scattered islands, and players must manipulate and navigate the shipwrecked architecture in order to move through worlds.

The entire thing looks very good and will probably be even more amazing to play in 3D virtual reality when it releases soon. To travel around the archipelago, for instance, you must jump between fallen stars.

But you only need to look with Gear VR to move. There's no screen-tapping required.

Writing by Elyse Betters.