(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has just announced it Gear VR headset at its Unpacked 2 event from IFA 2014. 

This is Samsung's version of the Oculus Rift headset or Sony's Morpheus headset.

The Samsung VR is a virtual reality headset that allows users to slide in their Galaxy Note 4 to use it as a 3D virtual reality screen. Rather than paying for a full VR headset Samsung allows users to buy this case with lenses which can use the smarts and QHD screen of the Note 4 to offer virtual reality.

The Samsung Gear VR has its own processor that works at less than 20ms so that latency can't be noticed as the user's head is moving. This combined with Super AMOLED means the screen can refresh fast enough to appear smooth. That means the VR is like standing two metres in front of a 175-inch screen equivalent thanks to the 96-degree viewing angle.

And thanks to the accelerometer and gyroscope built into the headset users are able to look about within the virtual world created on each eye. Unlike experiences with Oculus Rift and the like this should be a lot lighter since most of the smarts are in the phone which can connect to earphones via Bluetooth.

But the Gear VR does use the same lens technology as Oculus Rift, with the logo round inside the Gear VR headset who has partnered with Samsung to create this bit of kit.

The Samsung Gear VR will be available to buy later this year in Frost White colour.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.