(Pocket-lint) - Samsung is working on a virtual reality headset codenamed Project Moonlight, and that headset has just been revealed through a newly leaked image. The headset is expected to debut in September alongside the Galaxy Note 5, it's claimed.

The Verge has published an image (available below) of the yet-to-be-announced VR headset from Samsung and claimed the device works a lot like Google's Cardboard headset in that it serves as a box with lenses and uses a smartphone's display to pipe an immersive experience.

The leak follows reports from May that claimed Samsung was working on a VR headset. The company reportedly aimed to beat Facebook's Oculus Rift and Sony's Project Morpheus to market as well as undercut the competition in terms of price, even though Samsung is collaborating with Oculus VR on software for the headset.

Rumours at the time said Samsung's VR headset would feature two OLED screens (960x180-pixel resolution display for each eye). It would also likely be wired and worn at home for immersive gaming, responding to head movements of the player. The Verge has now added to those claims.

Project Moonlight allegedly features a focus dial as well as a micro USB connection to the phone. The leaked image of Project Moonlight even shows the VR headset pictured next to a Galaxy S5 and a lid of some sort that might be used to hold a connected phone in place.

There's not much else to go on, but we can apparently expect Project Moonlight to unveil during the Galaxy Note 4 event scheduled for 3 September at IFA 2014.

Writing by Elyse Betters.