(Pocket-lint) - A week ago it was revealed that Samsung is working on its own virtual reality headset to rival products such as Sony's Project Morpheus and the Oculus Rift. New information provides confirmation and throws an interesting surprise into the mix. Samsung's Oculus Rift-rivalling device will be part made by... Oculus.

Oculus VR is said to be handling the software aspects of the Samsung-made headset, while the Korean company will design and build the hardware itself.

Engadget's sources claim that Samsung is getting early access to Oculus' mobile software development kit. And in return Samsung will give Oculus early access to its next generation OLED displays for use in further Oculus Rift models - perhaps even the elusive consumer device.

Oculus' involvement is perhaps prompted by the fact that Samsung's VR headset won't be aimed at gaming. Instead, the consumer electronics manufacturer is said to be aiming at media viewing primarily - more like the Vuzix VR glasses of old - even though some gaming functionality will be available.

In addition, instead of being a box device that house two screens - one for each eye for a 3D effect - the Samsung headset will use your own phone as the screen. You will slot the phone into the top of the device, the sources say. Augmented reality features will use the phone's rear-facing camera to show the world around the wearer.

When the headset might become available is yet to be revealed. Indeed, we would be very surprised if we saw anything released commercially this year. Perhaps it will be part of the launch event for the Samsung Galaxy S6. Now that would be something.

Writing by Rik Henderson.