(Pocket-lint) - Samsung appears to be working on an augmented reality keyboard that virtually projects letters on to a user's fingers for typing. This not only reveals a new input method but also adds weight to the rumour Sammy is working on a set of "Galaxy Glass" smart glasses.

The augmented reality finger keyboard appeared in a patent filed by Samsung last August at the World Intellectual Property Organisation which has just been made public.

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Samsung says that is sees voice controls for smart glasses as being limited. In loud situations it can be inaccurate and in quieter environments it's not private enough. Samsung also says projected keyboards are an unrealistic option because of the cost of implementing beam projectors. The result is the augmented reality keyboard.

samsung galaxy glass wants to turn your hands into an augmented reality keyboard image 2

As shown in the patent pictures, letters will be projected on to the fingers of a hand, to be seen only by the smart glasses wearer. Using the thumb, it will be possible to "type" out letters that are recognised by the glasses. While this looks like a good idea we'd imagine implementation with accuracy to be an issue.

We'd love to hope that Samsung will unveil its "Galaxy Glass" smartglasses this year. Perhaps it could even do it with the Galaxy Note 4 reveal. But in reality the lead time on patents is usually long so we're not holding our breath for this to appear in 2014.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.