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(Pocket-lint) - Qualcomm has revealed a demonstration VR headset that harnesses its latest Snapdragon 845 chip. 

The Snapdragon 845 was first talked about in December - check out our in-depth Snapdragon 845 guide - and this reference design headset is all about performance. 

It can display dual 2,400 x 2,400 pixel screens at 120fps, which is better than many existing headsets, and offers 30 percent better power efficiency than the previous generation. It can support up to four million pixels per eye.

Qualcomm's headset won't be available to buy, but it is intended to demonstrate the technology to potential partners. Qualcomm has previously worked with Google, HTC Vive and Oculus on various AR and VR systems. 

QualcommIs this the future of VR image 2

The headset uses Qualcomm's new Adreno 630 graphics processor which offers improved degrees of movement (six instead of four) and room mapping to detect objects and integrate them into your virtual world.

Qualcomm reckons it offers around a 30 percent improvement in graphics performance. There's also a dedicated DSP, or digital signal processor. 

The new graphics processor also uses an image processing technique called Foveation which is designed to improve visual quality for the small fovea pit of your eye's retina. It does this by working out where your eye is focused via eye tracking. Clever stuff. 

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Writing by Dan Grabham.