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(Pocket-lint) - PlayStation has already confirmed that a next-gen version of the PSVR headset is inbound - possibly for release in 2022.

It has also shown us the haptic controllers that it will come with at launch.

There are relatively few official details on the headset specifications from PlayStation itself though, which is okay as UploadVR has furnished us with some juicy leaks.

For starters, its sources claim that the PS5-exclusive PSVR 2 (as some are dubbing it) will feature a 4K resolution - 2000 x 2040 pixels per eye. That will make it much higher resolution than the current model.

There will also be a lens separation adjustment dial, plus "gaze tracking". This latter feature uses foveated rendering to ensure the parts of the image in focus are of sharper definition where the eye is looking.

The eye-tracking tech could also be used by games for more accuracy and other effects.

Other specs revealed by the site include USB-C connectivity between the headset and the PS5, confirmation of a motor inside for haptic feedback, and on-board cameras that track the controllers. You will not need a separate camera for motion tracking this time around, it seems.

Other details, including price and release date, are not yet known.

Writing by Rik Henderson.