(Pocket-lint) - The PlayStation VR headset was officially released yesterday, Thursday 13 October, and users are generally very positive about its talents. Not only does it give a full-on virtual reality experience that usually costs much more - with headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive - but it has a healthy launch line-up of games already available.

Remarkably though, there's one feature even we didn't realise originally. You can also play Xbox One, Wii U and PC games while wearing the PSVR. Crikey.

As discovered and talked about by Reddit users, PlayStation VR Cinema mode works with any 2D source through HDMI. All you have to do is unplug the HDMI running from the PS4 to the processor unit and plug in another device, such as an Xbox One. You will then get a virtual giant screen showing anything that runs on the rival console.

The only drawback is that you still need to attach the processor unit to your PS4 too, in order for headset tracking to work, so you'll need both consoles switched on at the same time. But should you require isolation for your Gears of War 4 gaming session, it's an ideal way to get it. Technically, you could even game in the privacy of the PSVR while your family watches TV in the same room.

Of course, you can use PlayStation VR Cinema mode with the PlayStation 4 itself too, and even a Sky satellite box or Virgin Media TiVo. It's amazing what you can discover with a little bit of fiddling.

Writing by Rik Henderson.