(Pocket-lint) - The future of gaming may very well be in virtual reality and Sony is joining the charge with its VR headset that's proving very popular. Within minutes of the PlayStation VR bundle going up for pre-order on Amazon.com, it was sold out.

While the PlayStation VR headset alone doesn't go up for pre-order until 29 March in the US, the PlayStation VR Launch Bundle appeared on 22 March. Within minutes of that appearance it was sold out, suggesting when the VR headset becomes available it'll be a rush to get one.

This applies to the US only and Amazon only. It could show popularity but may also simply point to Amazon holding back stock in order to fuel excitement ahead of the core headset release.

The PlayStation VR is still available on Amazon.co.uk and can be also found in other stores. Shipping is expected to begin in October.

The advantage of buying the bundle is you'll get everything you need for a fully immersive VR experience. That means the headset, cables, stereo headphones, camera, two Move controllers and VR demo disc plus VR Worlds disc. Buying just the VR headset may not deliver the full experience.

If you want to get the headset and accessories without shelling out full price there are alternatives, check out the feature below to find out more.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.